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Learn Nestjs with TDD (Build a real application)

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Jam's Description

How to get started with this challenge?

First you need to install all dependencies with either of these commands: yarn or npm install.
All exercises instructions are under the folder instructions.
Did you install all dependencies? If no, please run npm install

How does it work?

If you're here then you've cloned this repository already. This is a great first step. Well done.
Make sure you have set up your ssh keys or you have identified yourself so you'll be able to push your code for review.
After cloning the repository, you can tackle each challenge as instructed in the instructions folder. Once all the tests are green, and you're satisfied with the quality of your code you can commit and push your current version.
If you're not familiar with git, here is the procedure:
  • First add your modifications you've made with the command git add src (type this command at the project root folder)
  • Then commit the modification with the command git commit -m "What did you do?!"
  • Finally push the code using the command git push origin
Once we've received your code we will check it and if all is good we will provide you with the next challenge. To check your progress go to We will update that page with your progress as soon as you push your code. Then we will provide you with the commands to start the next challenge if there are any left.
If you're stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to go on and ask for help using the chat.

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