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Utility Functions in JavaScript (Part 1)

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Jam's Description

Getting started with JavaScript functions


  • Install VSCode or any IDE you feel productive with
  • Install at least the LTS version of NodeJS

Goals of this Jam

  • Help you understand how to use JavaScript in real world projects
  • You will learn about functions, variables, classes, types
  • You will learn about npm, yarn, deployment
  • You will get familiar with TDD (Test Driven Development)
During this Jam, you will build a series of functions
  • identity : How to write a function?
  • first : How to manipulate arrays?
  • last : How to manipulate arrays?
  • isArray : How to know if something is an Array?
  • isDefined : What does defined means in JavaScript?
  • isFunction : What does qualify as a function is JavaScript?
  • isNumber : What is a number in JavaScript? You'll be surprised!
  • isDate : A date in JavaScript. How do you know something is a date?
Instructions for each exercise are available in the instructions folder at the root of your project.

Important notes

Each exercise is available on one branch at the time. To unlock the next exercise, you'll have to pass the test for the current exercise. If you find yourself stuck, click the Halp button on the platform and a mentor will help.
Each time you clone a new exercise, you should first open the instructions folder.
For Premium users, you can access the video/solution of each exercise via the solution tab. The solution tab will contain a possible solution for this section of the Jam. 

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